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Info från Alex

Member update no2 – 12/05/2022


Dear members,

As you know we are planning to open the 18 hole golf course on Monday. We will have between 4 and 6 temporary greens in play and 12 to 14 greens fully open. We will work to open the temporary greens as soon as we can. The damaged areas are recovering reasonably well (see pics below) however these areas are still rather delicate and must be managed very carefully.

We will remove the covers on the 9 hole course tomorrow and cut the greens and we will try to open as many of those greens as possible tomorrow. Please remember they are not open until they have a flag in them.

The expansion of the 3rd yellow and white tee is going well and it is planned to lay turf there next week. While the turf is establishing all play for the third green will tee off from a temporary tee which we will set up there so it will be a very short hole for the first few weeks of the season.

Soon we will start to replace the sand I the bunkers that were not worked on last autumn so we will have uniform coloured sand in all our bunkers on the 18 hole course. There was a significant amount of tree work carried out through the winter and there are some tree stumps close to in-play which need to be removed and this is something that will also begin soon.

We are looking forward to opening the course and seeing you all again.

I will be back soon with another update.

Alex and team.


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