Nyhetsbrev 2019-05-21
Rapport från Banchef Alex
Dear members, Fine weather has finally arrived. At last we have some consistently warm temperatures and no cold nights and early mornings.
This will help with repairing our damaged greens significantly. Last week, on Thursday, before the rain came we put more seed into the 9 greens that have not been opened yet.

They are certainly improving but it has been a slow and frustrating process. My plan is to open the remaining 9 greens on Saturday the 25th May ready for the clubs 90th Jubilee competition.
I am quite confident that once opened greens 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, and 16 will be kept open and will steadily improve until they are as good as the 9 greens we have open and in play. Greens 1, 13 and 14 are still the weakest.

It is a possibility that these three will have to be closed back down if it is needed. I sincerely hope that this does not happen, we now have may hours of daylight every day, we are fertilising at establishment rates on these greens, the temperature is forecast to be over 20°C every day this week and we can apply water as we need to. So, everything is now in our favour, at last!

The 9-hole course was opened fully on Saturday the 18th May. While I am not yet satisfied with the quality of these greens, I am happy with the progress we have made under the cold conditions we have been experiencing.
Greens 3 to 6 on the 9-hole course will continue to improve. And with the weather like it is now it will not be long before they are of a similar standard to the greens on that side that were opened earlier this year. I have included some more pictures to show the progress our struggling greens have made in the last 4 weeks and 2 days since we made our first seeding operation. Regarding the rest of our maintenance we will soon be able to increase the frequency we are mowing fairways, collars and approaches and tees. We still must be careful with our maintenance here as we still have some weak and thin areas of turf and cutting fairways for example, when it is wet like it was today after the rain we received, could have a negative impact on the areas we are trying to develop. We will also be catching up with some of the detail work like strimming around the signs etc that we have had to make low priority until now. I will be back next week with another update. Best regards Alex and team.

Bifogad PDF visar status på några greener .

Greener | (pdf) | 407,7 KB
SALTISJUNIORER ON TOUR - vi är överallt! Första omgången av Svenska Golfförbundets Teen Tour spelades i helgen på ett antal spelplatser ute i landet, beroende var i tävlingstrappan man befinner sig.

Glädjande medverkade 32 av GKS:s juniorer i tävlingar (allt mellan Mini Tour och Elite) som spelades bla i Barsebäck, Borås, Stockholm (ett antal banor), Varberg & Västerås.

Detta är något av ett rekord och extra kul att flera av våra tjejer deltar i tävlingsspel. Våra juniorer visade upp bra kämpaglöd, fint spel, många bra prestationer & resultat.

Våra juniorer är klubbens bästa ambassadörer ute i landet!

Rookie Tour

Saltis tog storslam och kom 1-2-3 i säsongsstarten av Rookie Tour på Botkyrka Gokfklubb, 18 maj.

 Emil Stenport och Axel Edström (också GKS) delade dessutom 1a priset för lägsta bruttoscore, 88 slag (par 73).

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